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Epic Chiropractic: The Modern Corrective Care Approach

For our patients, we seek to relieve their pain, correct their spine and guide them along their paths too healthier, longer lives. To accomplish this, Dr. Wilson applies a completely different system of chiropractic care – Corrective Care Chiropractic.

Take A Tour Of Our Chiropractic Clinic in Brandon

Join Dr. Wilson as he takes you on a personal tour of his chiropractic clinic in Brandon, Florida. Coming in following a car accident? His clinic is laid out in a unique way, so he wanted to take this opportunity to show you around and get you familiar with how things work.

Maximize your health, Maximize your life!

You’ve heard the term “medical practice”—that’s because medical science is technically a continuously evolving “practice.” Medicine isn’t a guarantee, and it is not your only wellness option.

Maximized Living’s health delivery system is not an alternative. It is a proven, medication-free way of approaching your health, your healthcare and your lifestyle.

Powered by hundreds of dedicated chiropractors, the Maximized Living system targets and eliminates the root of your health problems and helps ensure that you know how to make life-long wellness changes.

Our system can help you:

  • Identify causes and root problems
  • Remove the origin of illness
  • Remove interference
  • Improve lifestyles
  • Reduce need for unnecessary medications
  • Ensure longevity
  • Decrease the need for sick visits to the doctor
  • Expedite recovery times
  • Improve your blood pressure, sleep, immunity, depression and much

No better place to get you healthy again

Epic Chiropractic and Wellness goes the extra mile. We know that all of our patients have unique needs. If you’ve searched all over and can’t find what you’re looking for, we probably have it!

We will break down health and fitness concepts that have been publicized to seem more complex than they really are. Our goal is to provide you with simple, common-sense tips to preventing disease and living a fuller, healthier lifestyle.

To help you achieve your health and fitness goals, we offer the following services:

Specific, efficient spinal correction to alleviate immediate aches, pains and illness while also relieving symptom-causing irregularities in your spine.

At-home spinal care exercises to complement your in-clinic correction procedures, so your body can get well faster.

Patient Testimonials

I was exposed to a Max living center in Michigan and really liked the fundamentals behind the healing of the sound rather than just maintaining it. When I came back to Brandon and met with Dr Wilson I was very impressed with his extensive knowledge and total body alignment. It was far superior to the Max Living in Michigan. I have had noted improvement in just 4 months. Six star recommendation!

Lynea Dangelo

Dr. Wilson’s Office Is a much needed relief to a lot of discomfort. I used to do maximized living but my old Dr. went out of business. When I heard of the Epic Wellness Office and their same method of treatment I had done years before, it brought much great relief to know they were in the area for help. And already I am seeing results just after a few visits. I can’t recommend them enough!

Sadi M Pekerol III

Dr. Matt and the staff of Epic Chiropractic have been amazing. We have been patients for a short time but are already experiencing an increased range of motion. We are both enrolled in the care plan. We really appreciate that they focus on wellness for the whole body rather than merely providing a “quick fix.” They provide with exercises to maintain your progress at home. I had been to other chiropractors in the past and stopped because of the hassle of going and not really understanding what was being done. Dr. Matt takes the time to explain everything, yet I don’t feel like I’m spending forever in the office. The office itself is clean, modern and conveniently located. I would definitely recommend this practice!

Mandy Schuchhardt

Dr. Matt is extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly. He and his team described in detail the different exercises so I could do them easily. He also did a detailed analysis of my spine and then adjusted me accordingly. The results are noticeable since the first session. My back felt relieved and my circulation improved. I highly recommend his services for someone who wants great results.

Alexandra Mulero Gomez

If you’re looking for a chiropractor who is more concerned with getting you in and out quickly, don’t go here. If you’re wanting a chiropractor who is going to spend time with you to not only correct your present condition and ailment, but who will educate you on spinal health and help return your body to the high functioning condition it was designed to be in then Dr. Matt at Epic Chiropractic (now Champions Wellness Center) will be the PERFECT fit.

After going to several chiropractors through the years, Dr. Matt is by far the best. He is not only excellent at what he does, he is thoughtful, cares about everyone who walks through their doors, will do whatever it takes for his patients to see results, help restore their healing capabilities and genuinely loves serving others. His practice produces results and offers the Maximized Living program which is a game changer y’all!

You won’t be disappointed – that I can promise.

Sarah Weaver

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